Marco Rabino farm has produces quality wines for years.
Wines we produce are: Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Red Langhe, Nascetta and Chardonnay.


Vineyard: Nebbiolo (black berry)

Appellation: Barolo D.O.C.G.

Property: small oak barrels finishing (24 months), it continues his maturation in bigger barrels, deep grenade red with oranged notes that is better highlighted as the years go by, strong taste, balanced and armonious with rich fruit aroma.

Food pairing: meats, wild games and courses with truffle.


Vineyard: Nebbiolo (black berry)

Appellation: Langhe D.O.C. Nebbiolo

Property: small oak barrels or tonneaux finishing (12 months), deep grenade red, warm taste, tannic, spicy aftertaste, balanced, soft and smooth on the palate.

Food pairing: elaborated courses as roasts and games.


Vineyard: Barbera (black berry)

Appellation: Barbera d’Alba D.O.C.

Property: tonneaux finishing (12 months), deep ruby red colour, grapey and fruity taste, distinctive flavour more armonious over time.

Food pairing: ideal for rich and savoury first courses, grilled meats and matured cheese selections.


Vineyard: Dolcetto (black berry)

Appellation: Dolcetto d’Alba D.O.C.

Property: stainless steel finishing, ruby red with purple shades, dry taste, fruity with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Food pairing: whole meal wine, excellent with first courses.


Appellation: Langhe Rosso D.O.C.

Property: barrique finishing (18 Months). It comes from the blending of three types of wine (black pinot, nebbiolo and Barbera), deep ruby red colour, soft and balanced taste full of aromas.

Food pairing: excellent supporting second meat courses.


Vineyard: Nascetta (white berry)

Appellation: Langhe Nascetta D.O.C.

Property: stainless steel finishing, ancient native vineyard revalued over the last few years, yellow with golden shades colour, dry and fruity taste.

Food pairing: excellent as aperitif, it can support crustaceans, appetizers and first courses with fish.


Vineyard: Chardonnay (white berry)

Appellation: Langhe Chardonnay D.O.C.

Property: stainless steel finishing, pale yellow colour, dry flavour, fresh and slightly fruity.

Food pairing: excellent as aperitif and with appetizers and first courses with fish.