FROM 1909


Marco Rabino agricultural farm grows its vineyards with love respecting the land and developping from year to year a biologic and sustainable agriculture.

We don’t use chemical pesticides (fertilisers) but rather organic fertilisers and green manure, moreover we don’t use any types of herbicides (weed-killers).

Our acreages are mainly south or south-west positioned, highly recommended position in order to produce good grapes, in the town of Monforte d’Alba stretching to 8 hectares of vineyard. Our rows are grown with a form of counter-espalier system and guyot pruning, everything in order to have tidy rows and well exposed to sunlight bunches.

First buds evolve in spring, during summer, before the complete bunch maturation, thinning is made: this process is necessary to improve quality product, in autumn we harvest and then we bury organic fertilisers and seeds for green manure, with these works we end the year.


Ma anche all’aumento della resistenza generale dell’organismo. Di efficacia dimostrata e straordinariamente economico, assicurarsi che si tratti proprio di disfunzione erettile e non di qualcos’altro.