For more than 100 years Rabino family has grown with love and passion for its jobs in the district of Monforte d’Alba. Our ambition is to produce wine with a strong personality linked to the history of this wonderful area, become UNESCO heritage.

Rabino agricultural farm was born in 1909 in Monforte d’Alba, founded by Rabino Bernardo who planted the first vineyards.

In 1920 Bernardo’s son, Pasquale, born in 1928, built che first little cellar in the district of Bussia San Giovanni and he started to produce the first fine wines of the farm and he continued the job his father started.
The most part of the harvested grapes was sold and only a little part of it was used to produce wine for selected customers., Pasquale’s son, Marco, took advantage of everything handed down from his father and grandfather and nowadays grapes are produced in the farm cellar using a natural method respecting the tradition. Our aim is to produce high quality wines.


Marco Rabino agricultural farm grows its vineyards with love respecting the land and developping from year to year a biologic and sustainable agriculture.

We don’t use chemical pesticides (fertilisers) but rather organic fertilisers and green manure, moreover we don’t use any types of herbicides (weed-killers).